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Re: Cannot run SSH

On 11/22/2009 12:00 AM, Ken Jackson wrote:

Is SYSTEM in /etc/passwd? If not, I think that's a problem. Even if it's there, maybe it's wrong. I would try the mkpasswd command to recreate your passwd file (and might as well mkgroup to recreate the /etc/group file). They both write to stdout so you have to redirect them:

mkpasswd> /etc/passwd

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Yep the SYSTEM is listed alright. I already created the passwd file multiple times, before and after ssh installation. I do not know what all those numbers in it but as far as I can see the users and their default folders listed fine there. I can pretty much see all the defined users including the ssh setup based users.

"mkpasswd -cl > /etc/passwd" was the command I have used multiple times.

The weird thing was that the Cygwin+Ssh installation on Win7 was the easiest of all installations I had done before. It worked for couple days and stopped yesterday. Something is funky and I cannot figure it out after spending 10 hours on this. I am sure it is couple minutes fix if you are an expert on this stuff but that is the best i can do on my own.

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