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Re: win7 specific probs; examples; and poor solutions

On 11/20/2009 06:24 PM, Linda Walsh wrote:
Andy Koppe wrote:
2009/11/20 Linda Walsh:
Some things are obviously not cygwin related. But sometimes it seems
like cygwin isn't able to see files that I can see there with explorer.

We'd of course need concrete examples for this.

I'd love to give you examples, but unless I am sure that it is cygwin
that has the problem, I'm not going to put something on here. I did
mention, that my 'rash' of problems may have to do with Win7 begin flakey
in some way, OR 'linda7' i.e. _me_, having broken something or not
understanding how something works. I also mentioned that most of my
problems on win7 DO NOT happen on my XP machine. So that indicates it's
either win7 specific, OR my configuration on Win7 isn't as detailed nor
setup as well as my XP setup which is several years old.

If you are not willing to post an example, whether you are sure it's a Cygwin problem or not, so that someone else could try it on their Windows 7 system and possibly answer your question, then stop whining and don't bother posting here.


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