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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: bash-completion-1.1-1

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A new release of bash-completion, 1.1-1, is now available for cygwin 1.5;
a corresponding release for those testing cygwin 1.7 will be available

This is a new upstream release.  Changes since the prior release are
attached.  For more details, including how to enable bash-completion for
your interactive shells after installing this package, see

bash-completion provides programmable completion enhancements to bash
TAB-completion.  Based on the command you type, hitting TAB later on in
the command line will perform completions on strings that make sense for
the context of the command, rather than blindly completing on filenames.

You MUST edit your bash startup files to load bash-completion into memory:
make sure ~/.bashrc sources /etc/bash_completion, and ~/.bash_profile
sources ~/.bashrc.  See /etc/defaults/etc/skel/.bashrc (after installing
base-files-3.7-1) for an example.  Bash completions is not enabled by
default because it adds some noticeable startup delay to every interactive
shell (about 1.5 seconds on my 2.5 GHz WinXP).  Depending on the reaction
on the cygwin mailing list, a future release may make bash_completion
turned on by default for every bash user, with no edits to ~/.bashrc required.

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your system.
Save it and run setup, answer the questions and pick up 'bash-completion'
from the 'Shells' category.

Note that downloads from (aka aren't
allowed due to bandwidth limitations.  This means that you will need to
find a mirror which has this update, please choose the one nearest to you:

If you want to make a point or ask a question, the Cygwin mailing list is
the appropriate place.

- --
Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin package maintainer

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bash-completion (1.1)

  [ David Paleino ]
  * Permit .gz files concatenation (Debian: #514377)
  * Fix svk completion using $filenames instead of $default (Debian: #524961)
  * Really add build-dep to aptitude's completion (Debian: #495883)
  * Fix checks for GNUish userland, thanks to Robert Millan (Debian: #529510)
  * Fix typo in .ass subtitles completion for mplayer (Debian: #531337)
  * Fix regression on man(1) completion: also complete on local .3pm files
    (Debian: #531343)
  * Split mutt completion to contrib/mutt
  * Split iconv completion to contrib/iconv
  * Split dict completion to contrib/dict
  * Split {update,invoke}-rc.d completions to contrib/sysv-rc
  * Don't install _subversion anymore, upstream completion is better than
    ours. Added to EXTRA_DIST in
  * Split autorpm completion to contrib/autorpm
  * Split jar completion to contrib/jar
  * Split chkconfig completion to contrib/chkconfig
  * Split chsh completion to contrib/chsh
  * Split apt_build completion to contrib/apt-build
  * Split aptitude-related completions to contrib/aptitude
  * Split apt-cache and apt-get completions to contrib/apt
  * Split rpm-related completions to contrib/rpm
  * Split cvs-related completions to contrib/cvs
  * Split man completion to contrib/man
  * Split bash builtins completions to contrib/bash-builtins
  * Split dpkg-related completions to contrib/dpkg (and re-enable usage
    of grep-status if available)
  * Split gcc completion to contrib/gcc
  * Split dselect completion to contrib/dselect
  * Split cardctl completion to contrib/cardctl
  * Split pineaddr completion to contrib/pine
  * Added avahi-discovered hosts to _known_hosts_real() (Debian: #518561)
  * Added m4v completion to mplayer (Debian: #504213)
  * Improve qemu completion (Debian: #534901)
  * Added sshfs completion (shares the same as scp) (Debian: #545978)
  * Fixed obvious brokenness (typos) in contrib/mdadm
  * Clean []:port format in known_hosts, thanks to
    Xuefer (Gentoo: #284563)
  * Added --no-generate to "apt-cache pkgnames" calls, make it faster
    on certain configurations (Debian: #547550)
  * Split okular from evince filename extension completion, needed to add
    okular-specific completions: xps, epub, odt, fb, mobi, g3 and chm.
    Also, okular can read any of its formats also in .gz/.bz2 compressed
    format, so change the regular expression to match this.
  * Remove --with-suggests and --without-suggests from aptitude completion
  * Patches from PLD Linux (thanks to Elan Ruusamäe):
    - avoid sed pipe as ps itself can omit the headers
    - improve service(8) completion, also look for "msg_usage"

  [ Ville Skyttä ]
  * Split yum completion to contrib/_yum (no longer installed by default, the
    intent is to move it to yum upstream soon).
  * Split yum-arch completion into contrib/yum-arch, load completion only if
    yum-arch is installed.
  * Update list of yum commands and options.
  * Add yum repolist, --enable/disablerepo, --disableexcludes, -d, -e, --color,
    and --enable/disableplugin completions.
  * Add chkconfig --override and resetpriorities completions.
  * Split mplayer and friends completions to contrib/mplayer.
  * Parse top level mplayer and friends option completions from -list-options.
  * Fix dir-only completion for make to include only dirs, not files.
  * Remove unused variable RELEASE.
  * Improve aspell dictionary completion: don't hardcode data-dir, get
    canonical dicts from "aspell dicts".
  * Always use /etc/shells for chsh -s completion, don't complete on comment
    lines in it.
  * Fix rpm --whatrequires/--whatprovides completions with spaces and other
    unusual characters, add filename based --whatrequires completions.
  * Add modplugplay filename completion.
  * Add more mod-like audio file extensions for xine-based players and timidity.
  * Complete on plain alternatives like update-alternatives.
  * Rename installed_alternatives() to _installed_alternatives().
  * Add /etc/pki/tls/openssl.cnf to list of default openssl config files,
    search for default ones only if -config is not given.
  * Use POSIX compliant arguments to tail in mkisofs completion.
  * Protect various completions from unusual user input by not embedding the
    input in external command arguments.
  * Add _split_longopt() helper for improved handling of long options that
    take arguments in both "--foo bar" and "--foo=bar" formats.
  * Use _split_longopt to improve and clean up aspell, bluez-utils, chgrp,
    chown, chkconfig, cpio, dpkg, heimdal, iptables, mailman, make, mc,
    mii-diag, mii-tool, mkinitrd, pkg-config, postgresql, quota, reportbug,
    samba, smartctl, yum, and generic long option completion (Alioth: #311398).
  * Add chown --from and --reference value completions.
  * Add chgrp --reference value completion.
  * Do not assume all --foo= options take filenames in generic long option
    completion, assume only that --*file*= does, and that --*dir*= takes dirs.
  * Add make --old/new-file, --assume-old/new, --what-if value completions.
  * Add smartctl -n/--nocheck completion, add more other value completions.
  * Fix leaking $prev from cpio, dsniff, freeciv, gkrellm, mkinitrd, service,
    and tcpdump completions.
  * Split ant completion to contrib/ant, improve the built in one.
  * Improve postfix completion.
  * Improve samba completion.
  * Split lilo completion to contrib/lilo.
  * Split reportbug and querybts completions to contrib/reportbug.
  * Remove debug output noise from quotaon completion.
  * Split Linux wireless tools completion to contrib/wireless-tools.
  * Add mock completion.
  * Split FreeBSD kld(un)load completion to contrib/kldload.
  * Split FreeBSD pkg_* completion to contrib/pkg_install.
  * Split FreeBSD portupgrade and friends completion to contrib/portupgrade.
  * Split Slackware pkgtools completion to contrib/pkgtools.
  * Improve rpm group completion (displayed completions are still wrong).
  * Change many completions to load in memory only if the completed commands
    are available.
  * Invoke the actual mplayer/mencoder command being completed (with full path)
    to get various completions instead of simply "mplayer" or "mencoder".
  * Associate OOXML/MS Office 2007 extensions with OpenOffice applications.
  * Associate .tsv with oocalc.
  * Add xmlwf completion.
  * Associate *.po with poedit, gtranslator, kbabel, and lokalize.
  * Add xz, xzcat, xzdec, and unxz completion.
  * Add lzcat, lz*grep, lzless, lzmore, and unlzma completion.
  * Load "modules" completion if /etc/profile.d/ exists even if
    the "module" alias has not been defined (yet).
  * Add *.ogv to xine-based players (Debian: #540033).
  * Add $compopt (":" i.e. no-op with bash < 4, "compopt" with >= 4).
  * Complete bzcat and zcat only on compressed files.
  * Do not require a dot in bzcmp, bzdiff, bz*grep, zcmp, zdiff, z*grep, zless,
    and zmore filename completions.
  * Add xz and compress support and more tarball filename extensions to
    rpmbuild -t*/--tarbuild completion.
  * Don't hardcode path to lsmod.
  * Fix sbcl file/dirname completion (Debian: #545743).
  * Add /sbin to $PATH when invoking lspci and lsusb.
  * Support .xz suffix in info page completions.
  * Prevent rpm --define/-D completions from falling through.
  * Add more common options to rpm option completions.

  [ Todd Zullinger ]
  * Make yum complete on filenames after install, deplist, update and upgrade
    when the following argument contains a slash.

  [ Mike Kelly ]
  * Fix _filedir on bash 4.
  * Add support for xz to tar completion.
  * Fix _quote_readline on bash 4 (Debian: #544024).

  [ Guillaume Rousse ]
  * Split mkinitrd completion to contrib/mkinitrd, improve it.
  * Split smartctl completion to contrib/smartctl.
  * Better ssh and sftp completion
  * Better xhost completion
  * Split _known_hosts completion in two parts, to avoid parsing command line
  * Added strace completion
  * Added xm completion
  * Added rpcdebug completion
  * Added msynctool completion
  * Added openldap completion
  * Added ldapvi completion
  * Added heimdal completion
  * Added vpnc completion
  * Added rpmcheck completion
  * Added munin-node completion
  * Added bluez-utils completion
  * Added samba completion
  * Added cfengine completion
  * Added xmllint completion, contributed by Ville
  * Added shadow completion, contributed by Ville
  * Added repomanage completion, contributed by Ville
  * Splitted and enhanced openssl completion
  * Added rfkill, mdadm and resolvconf completions

  [ Raphaël Droz ]
  * Add mount -L and -U completion.

  [ Philipp Weis ]
  * Add .dvi.{gz,bz2} completion for evince/okular (Debian: #522656)

  [ Freddy Vulto ]
  * Patched _known_hosts() to support multiple {Global,User}KnownHosts in SSH
    config files, thanks to Thomas Nilsson (Alioth: #311595) (Debian: #524190)
  * Fix leaking $i from info, man and python completions.
  * Added setting COMP_KNOWN_HOSTS_WITH_HOSTFILE. _known_hosts_real() will add
    hosts from HOSTFILE, unless COMP_KNOWN_HOSTS_WITH_HOSTFILE is set to an
    empty value (Alioth: #311821)
  * Quoted $cur to prevent globbing - thanks to Eric Blake (Alioth #311614)
  * Fix leaking $muttcmd from mutt completion
  * Fix completing multiple hosts (Debian: #535585)

 -- David Paleino <>  Sat, 03 Oct 2009 15:41:49 +0200

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