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BLODA problem while configuring

I've recently started getting write errors ("Device or resource busy") at random times while building texlive, which I've successfully built many times in the past. It happens during configuration when there is an attempt to write a file (config.status, contest.c,...). But only a few such write attempts fail, and I haven't noticed a pattern.

One strange thing is that I've seen this error only while building texlive. (For example, I can still build emacs without a problem.) I don't know what might be happening in the texlive build that would trigger this.

I suspect BLODA because of the random nature of the errors and also because the problem occurs on one of my computers but not a second. I noticed that Chuck reported the same error in his announcement of autoconf2.5-2.64-10

but this was during parallel test execution, so it may be unrelated. I tried reverting to autoconf2.5-2.63-10 and still got the error.

The only recent change I can think of that might be BLODA related is that AVG anti-virus was updated to version 9.0. But that also happened on my other computer that doesn't exhibit the problem. And AVG is not on the BLODA list.

I would appreciate any suggestions as to how I can track this down. Cygcheck output is attached. (I'm using Thunderbird and followed Dave's advice about configuring it, so I hope the attachment really shows up as an attachment in the archives this time.)


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