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Re: Text editing over ssh

On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 10:58:38AM -0500, Ari Army wrote:
>Hey all,
>I've had constant problems with editing over ssh (usually just end up
>scp-ing the file over to my machine locally to change files).
>Using any text editor, if i pretend goto line 10 to edit that line and
>use my keyboard arrows to scroll over to word i want to edit, it
>'replaces' the text as i scroll showing what is really on that line
>(which is line 9). Editing/deleting have some side effects as well as
>a result of lines being off by one.
>Not really sure what I can do.
>The TERM env variable was set by another previous developer for this
>user in .bashrc (on the ssh server).
>Should i set this var to cygwin to alleviate problems, since my remote
>terminal will be cygwin... (but i dont want to mess up other people
>using same user but different terminals to ssh in and edit things).

As I told you on irc, the TERM environment variable should be set to
whatever you're using as a terminal.  If that's xterm then it should
be xterm.  In general, setting it in .bashrc is a bad idea since it
should be set automatically by ssh or cygwin.


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