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Re: Seems like treatment of NTFS ADS (foo:bar) changed between 1.5 and 1.7 but not mentioned in What's Changed

On Nov 17 17:45, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> Christopher Faylor wrote:
> >How could we possibly use '/' as a delimiter?  Are you really advocating
> >that we treat every file as a potential directory?  So every time
> >someone says "foo/bar" and "foo" is a file we try to open "foo:bar"?
> >And what happens when someone says "ls -l foo"?  Should that work too?
> I'm not really "advocating" it, it's just an idea how it could be
> handled in case support *is* desired.
> And yes, if someone *wants* access to this NTFS feature, why not
> this way? It's a trade-off - weird (but acceptable) handling for a
> weird feature.
> Whether the default for ls is to show forks or not, might be
> configurable again. If it does (maybe with -l or -a or -la), it

That would even be possible via a funny, Cygwin-specific call sequence

  int fd = open ("dir", O_CYGWIN_OPEN_FOR_STREAM_LISTING);
  DIR *dir = fdopendir (fd);

but first of all, it would seriously (really, really seriously) affect
the *complexity* of the readdir() function, second, it would seriously
affect the *performance* of readdir() and ...

> could look like:
> ... foo
> ... foo/bar

... third, it's not clear to me how the path conversion function is
supposed to work.  So somebody enters "cat ~/foo/bar", the path is
converted to \??\C:\home\our_example_user\foo\bar, and the NtCreateFile
function will return STATUS_OBJECT_PATH_NOT_FOUND.  Every time that
happens we should check if replacing the last backslash with a colon
will allow to open the file?

That sounds like a big, shiny can of worms, the family pack.


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