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Re: What about adding support for sigcontext

On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 09:03:34AM -0500, Eliot Moss wrote:
>Does anyone feel a degree of ownership or responsibility for the
>signals and signal handling part of cygwin?  I'm not asking someone
>else to take on the task, but am considering it myself, and want to
>coordinate, and obtain guidance and education about modifying cygwin
>generally so as to contribute back, and about this part of the system
>in particular.

Yes, I feel a degree of ownership:

But, you don't coordinate with me personally.  You use the cygwin-developers

>As Corinna has pointed out to me, this would NOT be headed for 1.7.1.

And, she's right.

>In fact, I have no idea when I would have time to work on it.  I am at
>the stage of trying to figure out how hard and how large a task it is
>:-) ...

It's a fairly large task but the groundwork is there to handle it.

I'm not volunteering to provide you with a tutorial in what you want to
do but if you have specific questions that come from reading the code
feel free to send email to cygwin-developers.  Again, I'm not
volunteering to educate you.  That is not, generally, how this type of
thing works in a free software project since we are volunteers and the
code is there for your perusal.


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