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Re: Use of Dual Core causes random failures building OpenJDK

Pete Brunet wrote:
> I've been trying to build OpenJDK for several weeks now and have never
> been able to get to the end of the build because of random failures. 
> Last night I had a hunch to turn off one of the cores in BIOS and after
> doing that the problems have gone away.  My system is a Lenovo T500,
> Model 2081-CTO, with an Intel Core2 Duo P8700 at 2.53 GHz and 2 GB of
> RAM running XP Pro SP3.  The latest updates have been applied to the
> Lenovo system and to XP.  Some examples of failures:
> - empty environment variables
> - invalid environment variables
> - files not found (possibly related to corrupted environment variables)
> Attached is my cygcheck.out file.

  Well, ...

>     Cygwin DLL version info:
>         DLL version: 1.5.25

1.5 is known to have bugs in this area.  You can give 1.7 a try because I've
fixed a number of race conditions; I'm pretty sure there are still more to be
tracked down, but it's a good deal better.


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