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Re: Problem with mount points

On 11/17/2009 01:05 AM, wrote:
i have have a problem with cygwin1.7 on windows Server 2003 Standard Edition.
Two user works on the same server machine e.g. myserver1.
User A mapped the shared drive where cygwin is installed to the drive letter Z: and user B mapped this shared drive to T:
So what happens? The user who starts a cygwin shell first has no problems, but the user B who start cygwin after user B has wrong mount points.
User B see the main mount points from user A.

===> /, /usr/bin, and /usr/lib is mapped to Z: and not to T:

How can i solve this problem?

Best regards
This is the problem with drive letters and one example of where they are evil. Change the mount points from using drive letters to using UNC paths. Then both user A and user B see the same thing.


$ umount -s /
$ umount -s /usr/bin
$ umount -s /usr/lib
$ mount -sbf //server//share/path/to/cygwin /
$ mount -sbf //server//share/path/to/cygwin /usr/bin
$ mount -sbf //server//share/path/to/cygwin /usr/lib

Note running Cygwin from a network location will do very little to speed execution...
Andrew DeFaria <>
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