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Re: 'ls' not finding owner/group of some files created by other user

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> In that case, the problem probably occurs because userB has no
> permissions to read the file permissions.  Cygwin's chmod creates a
> POSIX compatible ACL, which adds READ_CONTROL permissions for everyone.

That seems to be the case here and would seem to explain it - thanks!
BTW, it seems that chmod also adds FILE_READ_ATTRIBUTES though READ_CONTROL
is all that was needed to solve my problem.

Also, for the record, it seems that 'cp -a' does similar except it also
*deletes* the SYSTEM ACL attributes of DELETE, WRITE_DAC and WRITE_OWNER.
It's not intuitively obvious to me why 'cp -a' would degrade permissions...

That being said is there (or should there) be a flag to 'cp' that will
strictly preserve 'all' ACL attributes in a similar way to how Linux has the
-Z flag to preserve SELinux context?
(cp -r --preserve=all  doesn't do so)
I had always (mistakenly) assumed that 'cp -a' would do a "pristine" job of
copying -- it would be nice to have a cygwin tool that would be pristine
that way without having to go to Windows tools.

I apologize for all these maybe newbie-like questions but I am still used to
*nix rwx permissions and in this case even getfacl didn't help. I needed to
go to my new "friend" subinacl to see what you were saying - wasn't obvious
to me at least.

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