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Re: Seems like treatment of NTFS ADS (foo:bar) changed between 1.5 and 1.7 but not mentioned in What's Changed

2009/11/15 aputerguy:
>> I'd suspect the support for ADSs in 1.5 was rather accidental anyway.
>> POSIX programs certainly don't know about them, and you get the rather
>> weird situation that "files" like foo:bar can be accessed but don't
>> show up in the directory they're in.
> Fair point. But also having 'ls -s' return '0' on a non-empty file is pretty
> weird too.

0 is the correct size, because that's the number of bytes you're gonna
be able to read from the file, and incidentally that's also what
Explorer shows. The weirdness is all on NTFS's part.

> As a total lay-person to NTFS and filesystem stuff, I would have thought
> that the thing to do would be to allow ":" to appear by escaping it "\:"
> while preserving the original 1.5 ":" behavior to allow writing/reading to

The 1.5 behaviour means that POSIX programs using colons in filenames
unwittingly create resource forks.

> Finally, as an aside and for my edification, if the [] is U+F034

Oops, typo: it's U+F03A, since colon is 0x3A in ASCII. As you found,
that's 'EF 80 BA' in UTF-8.

> why does
> cygwin 1.5 seem to encode it as \357\200\272

What do you mean? 1.5 doesn't know anything about Unicode filenames.


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