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Re: Seems like treatment of NTFS ADS (foo:bar) changed between 1.5 and 1.7 but not mentioned in What's Changed

Andy Koppe writes:
> I'd suspect the support for ADSs in 1.5 was rather accidental anyway.
> POSIX programs certainly don't know about them, and you get the rather
> weird situation that "files" like foo:bar can be accessed but don't
> show up in the directory they're in.

Fair point. But also having 'ls -s' return '0' on a non-empty file is pretty
weird too.

>  Hence I think the right way to
> access ADSs is via Windows tools. Unless there is a POSIXy way to
> represent them?

The key point of my posting was not to advocate for one or the other but
rather to give people a heads-up on this change in case anybody had written
code based on the old treatment. In particular, I suggest that such
fundamental (though certainly not at all common) changes to how files are
accessed/named should be mentioned in the "What's changed" section.

As a total lay-person to NTFS and filesystem stuff, I would have thought
that the thing to do would be to allow ":" to appear by escaping it "\:"
while preserving the original 1.5 ":" behavior to allow writing/reading to

Finally, as an aside and for my edification, if the [] is U+F034, why does
cygwin 1.5 seem to encode it as \357\200\272 which is consistent with what I
get when I paste the filename into emacs (in UTF-8 encoding) and then look
at it in hexl mode which gives ef 80 ba (which is the hex equivalent of the
octal cygwin 1.5 codes).
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