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Re: Seems like treatment of NTFS ADS (foo:bar) changed between 1.5 and 1.7 but not mentioned in What's Changed

2009/11/15 aputerguy:
> In cygwin 1.7
> $ ls -1s foo*
> 1 foo:bar
> 1 foo:baz
> Which might seem ok,
> *But* now explorer shows two files
> foo[]bar
> foo[]baz
> where [] is a square box indicating an illegal symbol.

The square box doesn't represent an illegal symbol but one that the
font being used doesn't have a glyph for. To ensure POSIX filename
transparency, Cygwin 1.7 maps characters that aren't allowed in
Windows filenames to the Unicode private-use range at U+F000. So a
colon is stored as U+F034.

I'd suspect the support for ADSs in 1.5 was rather accidental anyway.
POSIX programs certainly don't know about them, and you get the rather
weird situation that "files" like foo:bar can be accessed but don't
show up in the directory they're in. Hence I think the right way to
access ADSs is via Windows tools. Unless there is a POSIXy way to
represent them?


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