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Re: 1.7 file permissions changes

On Nov 13 15:15, Eric Benson wrote:
> > Without more details I hazard a guess: The Windows process creates the
> > directory without permissions for you to delete the directory or files
> > in that directory and you're running under UAC.
> Yes, this turns out to be true. I disabled UAC entirely and now my
> program works.

It's not exactly necessary to switch UAC off, you can also tweak the
permissions of the directory or the parent directory to get what you

> Is there a better way to share file and directory creation,
> modification and deletion between Cygwin processes and ordinary
> Windows processes, 

Has the directory been created via Cygwin's mkdir?  If so, it might be
fixed if you upgrade to Cygwin 1.7.0-64 and create the directory (and/or
the parent directory) under the new DLL.  The older DLLs since January
didn't create so-called "Creator Owner" and "Creator Group" inheritance
entries in the directory DACLs.  It's a bit hard to explain, but in
effect all native Windows processes created files within this directory
with a somewhat weird DACL due to the default inheritance rules.  Cygwin
processes didn't actually care for these entries so they were not

> As a Unix hacker I am somewhat mystified by this behavior.

The ACLs are somewhat different than POSIX ACLs and the inheritence
rules are, too.  Reading
might help for a start.  If you are really interested in understanding
security settings in Windows, you will have to read the Windows docs,
though. gives you access to lots of manual
pages and documentation.


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