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1.7 file permissions changes

(I'm reposting this message since Yahoo decided to leave out line breaks. Sorry for unintentionally sending HTML mail.)

I have a batch of Unix-based Perl scripts that I use for CD
ripping.  They use a queue-based approach. One process reads
discs, another process encodes and tags them, and a third process
uploads them to a file server.  I've been running this on Cygwin
for several years. I used cdda2wav to read data off the disc, but
I switched to Exact Audio Copy on Windows sometime ago.  I wrote
an AutoIt ( ) script to
control Exact Audio Copy. My script creates a directory in a
specific place, then reads data off the CD into that
directory. The encoding process notices when this directory is
ready to be processed, then encodes it into a different directory
and removes the incoming directory when it is finished.

Recently I installed Windows 7 and Cygwin 1.7 from scratch and
rebuilt all of the pieces of my system using the latest versions
of all components. The encoder process is now failing because it
is unable to remove the directory that was created by the Autoit
script. The Cygwin process can read files created by the Windows
process just fine, but it cannot create new files in that
directory, nor can it delete any files or directories created by
the Windows process. I have complete control of all directory and
file creation on both sides of the Cygwin/Windows divide. Is
there something I can do on either side so that the directory I
create in Windows (using Autoit's DirCreate function) can be
modified and deleted by Cygwin's Unix API?

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