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1.7 setup questions...

1) why does it re-ask me for my proxy and not remember my server choice
each time I enter setup.

2) why does it maximize each time I enter the package choice?  Ouch!  hard
on the eyes to have my entire screen filled with white!

3). How do I make the type larger?  6pt font is a bit small -- I know it's
not smaller than it used to be, but I'm having to spend more time going
through packages to reinstall things.  I could handle the small type for
short periods, but now it's getting to be a pain.

FWIW .. I'm replacing my 1.5.  1.5 was causing too many problems with my
Unicode filenames -- many files it couldn't read the name of.  All of my
internet based files are UTF-8, so many characters causing 1.5 to throw
out errors about unreadable files.

That and I deleted my home directory on my Vista machine w/1.5 -- did an
'rm' of files in the recycling bin. apparently there was a reparse-link
back to my home directory in there.

Oh well.  Was thinking about reformatting and starting over with win7
anyway.  It wasn't my primary machine, so I didn't really lose any data,
just some messed up install work.  :-)

The fact that 1.5 can't detect reparse points really makes it dangerous on
Vista where MS is constantly using them to redirect folders.  On XP, the
only ones I encountered were ones I created, so I could keep track of
that.  On Vista (and probably Win7), it's a minefield.



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