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rsync pull problem and possible solution

I am still trying to work this out.

It is well known that cygwin rsync hangs on pulling from Microsoft Windows
(but works when pushing).

I am trying to find some way to reverse the process: have the remote server
PUSH instead of having the local server PULL.

The situation is as follows: I have a master server and many remote slave
servers. I want the slave servers to rsync some files to the master server
over an SSH tunnel, but I do not want to put the slave servers' public keys
into the master server's known_hosts file. The master server SSH does NOT
allow password authentication, only public key. The master server public key
is "known" to each of the slave servers, so the master can SSH in without a

I will initiate the  conversation the conversation from the master with SSH
including a tunnel. I would like to find a way, using the rsync -e option to
have the slave servers then use the tunnel already created to push the files

The master command will look something like

ssh -R4321:localhost:4321 foo@slave-server 'rsync -e ...'

I am not sure what to put in the '...' for the rsync command

Any ideas?

G. Ralph Kuntz, MD

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