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I am having my first experiences on 64-bit windows and noticed that 32-bit
processes, more so than 64-bit user processes are virtualized are not able
to access or see parts of the machine. This is especially noticeable in the

This means that if one has been using cygwin tools to assist in managing a
windows machine, one will likely be screwed in the 64-bit world, since a
32-bit cygwin can't access the whatever parts have been 'sectioned off' from
32-bit processes.

Has there been any thought or consideration given to the idea of a 64-bit

This seems as natural a progression as as having a 64-bit linux.

It's probably not going to make a huge difference at first, but since MS is
now distributing both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Win7 on the same
disk, I think most people moving to win7 will likely be running 64-bit
windows (being limited to 3GB*, total memory, just doesn't cut it!)(*-the
amount WinXP sees out of my 4GB installed).

As it is, none of cygwin's registry tools will be able to access key
portions of the registry (like the CSLID/Classes section that governs
program launching and associations).  The 32-bit programs get redirected to
a copy under some key, Win64x32, where the keys look normal, but you find
that you can't modify many of the values, nor can you change the security if
you are in 32-bit mode.  I had a program RegEditX, that extended the
existing registry editor with a few things like window resizing and
bookmarks.  Running that program on vista starts a 32-bit copy of regedit.
Confused the heck out of me as to why some keys seemed impervious to
modification (and having their security / owner reset).

After some research, I found I had to start regedit separately from a 32-bit
process -- then I could see the redirected branches and edit the real keys.
What a pain!

Anyway -- I'm hoping it won't be too long before cygwin comes out with a
64-bit version.


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