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Re: Get cygwin X startup window console in notification area?

On 11/10/2009 05:02 AM, Eliot Moss wrote:
Dear cygcin community --

Here's a little thing that's been bugging me a long time but that
I've not been able to figure out.

I start X under cygwin using a Windows shortcut to
C;\cygwin\bin\bash.exe where I have edited the target to add
-login -c "/usr/bin/startx -- -unixkill -clipboard -multimonitors"

When I run it, I get a icon for X windows (desired) but also a
taskbar icon for the bash console (the one that is running
startx). I'd prefer that it be a *notification area* icon, which
I can have out of the way, but click on to see if I really want
to see the output from that console. It seems that being a
"notification area thing" is a property not readily controlled
from the Windows user interface. Any notion of what I can do
here? I am certainly willing to put the stuff into a .bat file
if that would somehow help ...

There is a separate list for Cygwin X issues - cygwin-xfree.

My guess is either that this is hard, or it's easy and I've
overlooked something simple (or something obscure) ...

It's not built-in if that's what you mean.

Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746


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