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Re: Finding junction points in cygwin

On Mon, Nov 09, 2009 at 11:30:45PM -0800, aputerguy wrote:
>Christopher Faylor writes
>> It's not clear whom you are expecting to prepare this comprehensive
>> list.  For Cygwin we clearly want you to use our symlinks.  It's a
>> bonus that Corinna has implemented any functionality for anything
>> else at all.
>No real expectations and not a complaint about cygwin. Just more of a
>frustration of trying to merge the *nix and Windows worlds.
>My problem is not within cygwin itself -- it's with trying to use cygwin to
>also do Windoze-related tasks. In particular, I am trying to extend a
>*nix-focused rsync-based program to do a better job of backing up Windoze
>systems by capturing as much of the ntfs structure as possible. So, I am
>trying to understand ACLs, reparse points, the MFT, etc.
>Cygwin is of course awesome...

Well, thanks, but I think you're missing a big part of Cygwin if you
think that you need someone else to compile a table for you.  If this
really is something useful then you could always go down in history by
doing the research (reading source code?) and contributing the table


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