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Re: NTFS Symlinks (reparse point) redux

On Nov  9 22:18, Linda Walsh wrote:
> 	Anyone know what happens under the included POSIX subsystem in
> Vista (and I assume Win7), when it creates symlinks?  I can't imagine
> they use ".lnk" file extensions -- but if they use "reparse point" links,
> I'd think they'd almost have to store posix path information in them.  I
> wonder if a posix created symlink is compatible (usable) by a dos/win app?
> Maybe there's something usable from the posix subsystem that would work for
> both purposes?  Just a thought -- I haven't looked into the posix subsystem
> under vista.

Under W7 SUA is still using its own brew of symlinks which is equivalent
to the default Cygwin symlinks:  A file with the SYSTEM DOS attribute
set, a magic cookie ("IntxLNK\1"), and the target filename.  Cygwin 1.7
can read Interix symlinks.  Of course, due to the different directory
tree layout (/cygdrive/c ==> /dev/fs/C), absolute paths in Interix might
point into nirvana under Cygwin.


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