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Re: NTFS Symlinks (reparse point) redux

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Nov 5 22:39, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
Cygwin 1.7 does recognize reparse points and especially
the new NTFS6 symlinks.
	Yeah, I have yet to upgrade...going through throws of machine tantrums
now--and OS issues...I hope to give her a spin soon.

However, it only reads them, never writes them,
for the reasons repeated by cgf and me a couple of times.
	That's fine w/me for the nonce, drives me crazy when I forget about
the ones I've created, let alone all the new ones in use in Vista...

You just
can't use them to store POSIX paths
	That would tend to confuse win processes...

	Anyone know what happens under the included POSIX subsystem in
Vista (and I assume Win7), when it creates symlinks?  I can't imagine
they use ".lnk" file extensions -- but if they use "reparse point" links,
I'd think they'd almost have to store posix path information in them.  I
wonder if a posix created symlink is compatible (usable) by a dos/win app?

Maybe there's something usable from the posix subsystem that would work for
both purposes?  Just a thought -- I haven't looked into the posix subsystem
under vista.

*and* allowing interoperability with
native Win32 processes, plus the nonsense of coupling them with a user
right, plus the super-nonsense only to allow Admins to create them by
	Hmmm...can't imagine that being true for the posix symlinks.  Maybe
posix symlinks only work in posix and aren't true symbolic links recognized
by NT.  *sigh*.

 All that together makes them worse than Windows shortcuts and
they have not the faintest advantage over Cygwin-only symlinks
implemented as files with the SYSTEM DOS attribute set.
	Well -- 1 advantage.  They work in cygwin and in windows --
by work, I mean the indirection.  Not that every feature one would want
works.  But all cygwin and dos/windows apps blithely follow the links
without knowing they are links.  Same can't be said for ".lnk" based links.


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