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Re: Finding junction points in cygwin

More generally, could someone point me to a single source that can accurately
compare and contrast the following notions of "links" in cygwin/windoze:

1. Hard links (ln)
2. Soft links (ln -s)
    - Old style
    - New style
3. Windows shortcuts
4. Junctions created by junction.exe
5. Reparse points created by linkd.exe
6. Other types of reparse points?
5. Mount points created by cygwin mount
6. Mount points created by mountvol
7. Letter drives created by dosdev
8. Letter drives created using Administrative Tools computer management
9. Other types of mounting?

I know that some of the above only work on files, some only on directories,
some only on shares, etc.
but there is a lot of overlap and a nice table would be very helpful.

Personally, I'm sure I don't understand all the differences, subtleties,
limitations, and when to use which one. I'm also left with the feeling that
Microsoft just keeps throwing new flavors of links and mounts rather than
going with a consistent approach but maybe I'm just biased to *nix.

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