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Re: 1.7] Can you have multipe cygdrive path prefixes active at once

Lee Rothstein wrote:
> Does this not do what's required (barring spaces in the
> "Cygdrive" alternative prefix):
> mount -p | gawk 'NR==2 { print $1 }'

Unfortunately, your method would fail if there were *any* spaces in the
pathname. Since regardless of what you say about the lack of "abject
stupidity" internal spaces are quite common in Windows (think 'Documents and
Settings', 'My Documents', 'Program Files', etc.) this would be a big and
potentially common miss.

I really think that mount should have a flag that lets you get the 'exact'
cygdrive rather than trying to parse some human readable version back into a
precise machine version.

More generally, it seems to go against the grain of the general *nix
philosophy to have a way of setting a parameter (in this case cygdrive
prefix) but not having a way to reliably read back that same prefix.

And regarding abject stupidity... *nix allows you to have some very weird
filenames (spaces, tabs, newlines, etc.) -- but there always seems to be a
reliable (though perhaps obscure) way to make sure you can recover or act on
the file name. Most importantly, in no case are you left with unresolvable
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