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Re: setup-1.7.exe replace on boot. Was it deprecated?

Hi again,

Shaddy Baddah wrote:
Actually you are if you look at your command line again.
  Try this version of it.

/cygdrive/d/Temp/setup-1.7 -L /cygdrive/c/cygwin-1.7 -l
/cygdrive/d/cygwin-1.7-downloads -P rsync -q

Note the lacking -r in this version.
Ouch. How very embarrassing. That's what happens when you CTRL-r to a command-line and assume things about it (I normally build the command-line from the ground up, with no superfluous options).

Thanks Robert. Sorry for the carelessness, list.
Ok, now I see what's happened. The command line you have suggested should work (I haven't tried it owing to not being able to access this system now, and by working around the issue anyway)... but the /cygdrive/c/cygwin-1.7-1 will be superfluous to the command line. In fact, it was the same for my command line, because I actually mean -R to specify that root, instead of the lower-case -r that I had used. I guess setup works out (uses the last installed to root, perhaps) the intended Cygwin installation dir if it is not specified (correctly) on command line.

Thanks again,

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