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Re: 1.7] Can you have multipe cygdrive path prefixes active at once

Jeremy Bopp writes:
> Well, it's a bit of a hack, but you could try something like the
> following:
> $ dirname $(cygpath -u C:/)

> This assumes that there is always a C: drive and converts the path to
> the root of that drive into a POSIX path which will include the cygdrive
> prefix.  Then dirname is used to effectively chop off the drive letter
> leaving you with the cygdrive prefix.

This doesn't seem to work in the case where you have mounted the C: drive.
For example I mount C: on /c

And the above returns:
$ dirname $(cygpath -u c:/)
which doesn't tell me what the cygdrive prefix is -- only where 'c' is

Of course, as pointed out in a later reply, one can use an unused disk drive
letter like 'x' but that is hardly robust since who knows what drive letters
will be unused and/or unmounted.

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