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Re: 1.7] Can you have multipe cygdrive path prefixes active at once

Jeremy Bopp writes:
> The concern posed by the instigator of this thread is that it can't be
> known from the output of "mount -p" whether or not the spaces which
> follow the listed cygdrive prefix are part of the prefix or padding for
> the outputted columns.  It should be pretty rare that someone
> intentionally uses trailing spaces in their cygdrive prefix, but I can
> understand the desire for robustness.

Yes - that was precisely my point. I am updating scripts that are used on an
open source project so I want them to be robust. If it were just for my own
use, I wouldn't even need to use "mount -p" since I know what *my* cygdrive
prefix is. But if you are writing general scripts, I think it is pretty
reasonable and basic to have a clear, easy, and robust way to know what the
root of the system is. As an analogy, imagine if in Linux root were not
always "/" and that there were no good way to robustly determine what your
particular value of root was -- certainly that would break (or at least
potentially break) many scripts.
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