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Re: NTFS Symlinks (reparse point) redux

Christopher Faylor wrote:
Will ln -s be chansed to support native symbolic links?
No, not until, at least, native symbolic links don't require elevated
privileges to  use.
They don't have to..."sorta": Under the User-rights assignment plugin,
where you assign what users/groups have what priviledges, you can
'allow' USERS, or ALL ATHENTICATED USERS to have the priviledge.  Then
it doesn't require them to be an Administrator to use.

No one said "Administrator". Corinna said "elevated privileges". You can't expect that anyone who wants to use a symlink will be capable of getting additional rights.
That's why I said "sorta"...if a user is on their own system, or if an administrator ok's it, they could set up their system to
allow "symlinks" for normal users.

I mean it is a normal, non-privileged function in linux,
it might become that in the NT world -- its just that now no one
is used to it, and to many tools, the 'symlinks' look like regular
files or directories -- i.e. the are 'hard' to see. It's only been
on Vista that I now see the reparse points I was already using in XP, now showing up with the little arrow (symlink symbol).

If people get used to symlinks being around as they are
on unix, then such a 'privilege' might become a common place configuration -- thus my desire to see cygwin be able to at least
recognize and treat them as symlinks (first and foremost), with
'creating' them left open for some future possibility if they
become more prevalent. I can easily live with linkd/delrp, myself
at this point, but I would really appreciate visual aids in recognizing them and where they link to -- like an "ls -l" of a dir showing me the
path of such a symlink -- EVEN if it was a Winpath. That'd be
an "instant" clue that it was a reparse-symlink and not a conventional
cygwin ".lnk" symlink....

Is that more 'palatable' with that suggestion? :-)

*baking to please...*

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