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Re: rond: PID 3080: (*system*) WRONG FILE OWNER (/etc/crontab)

On 11/05/2009 08:19 PM, wrote:
it seems that the file /etc/crontab must be owned by root. But there
is not a root user in my computer.
How could solve the problem? Do i have to create a root user for windows?

Be careful. Things are not always as they first seem.

I'm going to go straight to asking you to read and follow the problem reporting
guidelines found here first:

Problem reports:

In the meantime, I'll live dangerously as well and presume that you're not
running 'crond' as the same user that owns '/etc/crontab'. The fix to that problem
is to change the owner of '/etc/crontab' to that of the user 'crond' runs as. For
instance, if you're running 'crond' as a service on WinXP, that user is likely to be
'system'. This is not, however, the only option so it depends on how you've
configured 'crond'. Hence my original pointer above.

FWIW, there is no significance to 'root' on Windows. Actually, you may have 'root'
as a group now (depending on your Cygwin installation). But having this is not the
answer to your problem, whatever that is.

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