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Re: status of gcc4 -ffast-math

Hans Horn wrote:

>> Do you where this gobble stuff ‘ comes from, btw?

  GCC is trying to use the appropriate set of internationalized opening and
closing single-quote marks.  If you "export LC_LANG=C.ASCII", you'll get
regular apostrophes.

> It's -fno-leading-underscore.
> Have to see whether I can live without it!

  You can't live *with* it.  Seriously, if you're using it in the first place,
you are doing something very very wrong indeed (like trying to link to
pre-compiled linux binaries) that you should not be doing, because neither it
nor anything else will work.  You will break every library and just
everything.  Sorry about that, but the decision to prefix symbols with an
underscore or not is part of the win32 ABI, not open to changing according to
a user's preferences, and frankly I don't think this option serves any useful
purpose except to break things and confuse people by giving them hope that
things might work that can in fact never succeed.


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