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R: Halting JBoss under Cygwin

--- Gio 5/11/09, Larry W. Virden  ha scritto:

> One of the developers trying out
> Cygwin recently asked me for some assistance regarding the
> bringing of JBoss to a halt.
> Previously, he had been using MKS Toolkit. His process is
> run a .bat file that starts up the JBoss application server,
> which also starts his application. Then, under MKS Toolkit,
> he could use ps and kill to locate the appropriate processes
> and kill them when he needed.
> As he has begun testing JBoss under Cygwin, he has had some
> problems getting things to work. The first problem was that
> the processes were not showing up in ps. I found the mention
> in the ps man page concerning the use of -W to see Windows
> processes, and that helped some. Now he can see the
> processes using ps -Wef. However, when he issues a kill
> against the process id, kill says the process doesn't
> exist.
> Is there some material to which I can point the developer
> to help him over this hurdle?
> Thank you all very much.
to kill a Windows program use a Windows kill.


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