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Halting JBoss under Cygwin

One of the developers trying out Cygwin recently asked me for some assistance regarding the bringing of JBoss to a halt.

Previously, he had been using MKS Toolkit. His process is run a .bat file that starts up the JBoss application server, which also starts his application. Then, under MKS Toolkit, he could use ps and kill to locate the appropriate processes and kill them when he needed.

As he has begun testing JBoss under Cygwin, he has had some problems getting things to work. The first problem was that the processes were not showing up in ps. I found the mention in the ps man page concerning the use of -W to see Windows processes, and that helped some. Now he can see the processes using ps -Wef. However, when he issues a kill against the process id, kill says the process doesn't exist.

Is there some material to which I can point the developer to help him over this hurdle?

Thank you all very much.


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