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Re: rsync appends .exe extension

Dear Corinna
Thanks for you kind support.

So you're running rsync from the Linux source side.  Hmm, that's a problem
for debugging.  Can you turn this around and run rsync from the Cygwin
target side?  Does the same problem occur?  I expect it will.

Its even simpler, I can run it locally on the cygwin install to reproduce the error:

$ cd /
$ mkdir copywin
$ cd copywin
$ rsync -av ../c . # this is my windows install
$ find . -name "*.*.exe"
$ find . -name "*.*.exe" -print0 | xargs -0 file
PE32 executable for MS Windows (native) Intel 80386 32-bit
all "renames" are of this type, but so are others that have not been "renamed"

like :
which is of the same file type as the wrongly renamed

This problem does not happen, if I use the cp(1) command instead of rsync

Can you reproduce this ( its a windows professional 2000 with all service packs applied here ) ?
If not, please let me know if not, I will provide trace and some binaries.

This works, except that for some binaries ( I could not determine
any pattern or rule ) ending with .exe .src or .sys , cygwin adds
.exe extensions ( yielding files like .sys.exe ).

It should definitely not happen with files ending in .exe. A couple of questions:

Sorry, I was inaccurate, it does not happen on .exe, only on .com , .sys and .src


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