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incomplete installs on AspireOne netbook

Hi, all --

I am having a terrible time trying to install cygwin on our new Acer
AspireOne netbook (Win XP SP3 @ 1G).  I have tried downloading to a local
directory (my usual preference), installing from the 'net, and -- most
interestingly, to me -- installing from a copied download tree from
another laptop whose installation went exactly as expected.  In the two
download cases I get "doanload incomplete; retry?" right at the end but
haven't been able to figure out why.  In the installation from the local
copy cases I get a short list of mostly-empty categories, which I figure
most definitely will not give me the right install.  Trying to install
from the 'net gives me more packages in more categories, but is still
missing some interesting ones -- like tar, for instance, being set to
"skip" by default (although perhaps because it wasn't listed in the first
run from the local copy or smoe such).

What do I need to do to get back to being able to install Cygwin?  This
is one error that has certainly never occurred for me before!


David T-G

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