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source package for atlas 3.9.16 on cygwin 1-7

Hi All,
I prepared a (very preliminary) source package for 
Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software (ATLAS).
It is a fast alternative to the reference BLAS/LAPACK build.
ATLAS 3.9.16 packages, source and Core232SSE3 lib, 
for cygwin-1.7 are at

The source package should allow to build any other 
specific core version, if not please let me know.

Of course you need cygport ;-) and gcc-4 + gfortran

The SciViews  bechmark
was used to compare the blas/lapack reference with Atlas 
one, and the outcome is:

Lapack 3.2.1 vs Atlas-3.9.16 with  Core232SSE3 on Cygwin-1.7

   I. Matrix calculation
700x700 cross-product matrix (b = a' * a)___________ (sec):      0.3564  0.0653

Linear regression over a 600x600 matrix (c = a \\ b')(sec):      0.1269  0.0554

   II. Matrix functions
Determinant of a 650x650 random matrix______________ (sec):      0.1586  0.0643

Cholesky decomposition of a 900x900 matrix__________ (sec):      0.2319  0.0686

Inverse of a 400x400 random matrix__________________ (sec):      0.1030  0.0455

So at least a factor 2 up to a factor 6 improvement.

I am very interested to receive feedback on the source package
and the performance comparison for the various core.

At the end of the build the lib package is called 

and it contains the dll's

$ tar -tjf libatlas0_RenameWithCore-3.9.16-1.tar.bz2 

that you can copy on /usr/bin or on usr/local/bin as you prefer

The lapack dll are behind in the path 

$ cygcheck -l liblapack0 

so they will be overcome, without being removed.
Marco Atzeri

cygwin package mantainer for lapack

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