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Re: [1.7] Undocumented change in accessing by dos drive letters?

On Mon, Nov 02, 2009 at 08:58:02PM +0000, Andy Koppe wrote:
>2009/11/2 Larry Hall (Cygwin):
>> On 11/02/2009 01:29 PM, Jeffrey J. Kosowsky wrote:
>>> I didn't see any documentation in the What's New/What's Changed
>>> document saying that the following no longer works:
>>> <cmd> <drive letter>:
>>> For example:
>>> $ ls C:
>>> ls: cannot access C:: No such file or directory
>>> This had worked fine on earlier versions.
>>> This has broken several of my shell scripts so I am surprised it isn't
>>> either documented (if a desired change) or fixed (if a bug).
>> I agree it's worth documenting.
>>> Am I missing something?
>>> Note using C:\\ does work.
>> C:/ also works.
>C: and C:\ aren't the same thing in DOS/cmd.exe.  C: means the current
>directory of the C drive, whereas C:\ means the root directory of the C
>drive.  Within each cmd.exe session, each drive has its own current

But that has never been true for Cygwin.  Or, at least it hasn't been
true for many years.  In Cygwin, C: used to mean "the root of the C


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