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Re: Binary distribution and DLLs

On 11/02/2009 10:10 AM, Jason Pyeron wrote:
Link 1: download with source (250MB)
Link 2: download without source (12MB)

Installing from link2:

Installer asks, would you like to download the source?

'setup.exe' does not have a mechanism for such a question if that's what you're
asking. From the distributor's perspective, they can manage their obligation to
provide access to the source (from their own site) much as you outlined above
with separate links. An alternative would be a separate package with both the
binary and the source, if there's a desire to provide both in a single download.
That mechanism is supported by 'setup.exe' and seems to me to be essentially
equivalent of what you're asking about. But perhaps I misunderstood you. And
again, because it cannot be repeated enough, if someone is distributing a binary
that depends on the Cygwin DLL, they need to provide access to both the binary
and the source of Cygwin and they need to be available from the same location
as their offering. Pointing to or some other site they don't control is
not sufficient.

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