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Re: Binary distribution and DLLs

On Nov  2 15:59, Jon Beniston wrote:
> > Binary distribution?  You are aware that linking an 
> > application against the Cygwin DLL requires to put your 
> > application under a compatible Open Source license, aren't 
> > you?  See
> Yes, it already is GPLed and the source will be included. However, most
> users do not want to compile things for themselves (at least in this
> instance).
> > I'm not sure he is and the user rights come first per the GPL. 
> >  Not only that the application has to be put under an OSS 
> > license, it's also required to distribute the Cygwin DLL
> >  with sources, accoding to the GPL Section 3)
> As I said in my original e-mail, I'm not planning to distribute cygwin1.dll.
> This would be installed by Cygwin's setup.exe. 
> My query is regarding other DLLs (which I have already said I would include
> the source for, if I included the binary).

No worries.  In theory, if the DLL you're linking against is not too
old, you could omit it from your own package.  For instance, for
the ncurses library, the DLLs are still available back to libncurses5,
from back in 2003.  If that's too dangerous for you, you can just add
them to your package since there should be no conflict.


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