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Re: Parallel downloading of Cygwin packages

On Mon, Nov 02, 2009 at 02:25:03PM +1100, Chris Cormie wrote:
>> There are barriers to implementing rpm in Cygwin, the most frequently
>> mentioned being the fact that a cygwin process can't easily replace
>> cygwin1.dll or any other running executables.
>If the in-Cygwin package manager can't update core Cygwin, that's not a 
>deal breaker IMO: there is a fair bit of useful app package management 
>that can be done without changing the core.

Maybe it's not clear but your personal needs are not really the issue
here.  There are many people for whom not being able to update the
cygwin DLL is a big deal.

>As for running executables -- well, perhaps this is more of my ignorance 
>:) but couldn't a well behaved package close down running services in 
>the preremove script? (In the case the package was being upgraded.)

This subject has been talked about quite a few times.  The mailing list
archives should have lots of information if you want to educate

I will close my participation in this thread by pointing out that Cygwin
1.7 will come with a version of setup.exe that allows updating and
installation of packages from the command line.


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