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Re: "Permission denied" on /usr/bin/sh when running gmake with multiple jobs

On Oct 30 08:55, John Daintree wrote:
> Hi Corinna,
> I was using a "gmake" not the cygwin "make", and that was generating the
> windows path. I've moved over to the cygwin supplied make and fixed up all
> the relevant environment variables. No windows paths anymore but I'm still
> getting the permission problem.
> None of the scripts are created dynamically.
> I'd tried strace before, but didn't really know how to interpret the output
> or locate the relevant bits. (is there an article that describes the
> output?)
> I've run the make again under strace and posted the output of both strace
> and make (I couldn't find how to have the output of both go to the same
> file) to Would it be too much to ask that
> you take a look?

That's a local problem on your side, apparently.  It took some time to
find the cause in this big strace, but here it is:

261  861750 [main] sh 6296 fhandler_base::open: C00000BF = NtCreateFile (0x0, 80100000, \??\J:\trunk\svn\apl\win\bin\mk_cc, io, NULL, 0, 7, 1, 4020, NULL, 0)

The Windows NtCreateFile function returns an status code 0xC00000BF,
which is called STATUS_NETWORK_BUSY.  This translates into Win32 error
54, ERROR_NETWORK_BUSY which tranlates into the english text... "The
network is busy."

I have no clue what causes this kind of error.


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