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Re: Parallel downloading of Cygwin packages

2009/11/2 Ron de Bruijn:
> A single fast mirror is only going to be faster than multiple mirrors for
> unrealistic values of "fast".

Well, I regularly get 1 MByte/s from nearby mirrors. Call me
undemanding, but I think that's a realistic value for "fast".

> The reason for me not picking a fast mirror is
> simple; the only way to find out the speed of all the mirrors on this
> particular network is trying them all, because there is a proxy which only
> sends the files to my machine when they are completely done downloading. If
> the list of required packages is documented in a dead simple format (which
> it probably is) and the list of mirrors is always in some stable location,
> then writing something which downloads everything in parallel should be less
> than 50 lines of code.

*splutter*. You obviously haven't seen setup.exe's source code, and
you're forgetting that any such solution also needs to be integrated
into the UI, most interestingly, the progress screen, which is
currently designed for downloading one package at a time. Parallel
downloading would be nice to have, but it's nowhere near the top of
the list of potential setup.exe improvements.

Meanwhile, you could always implement your scheme as a script that
downloads into a local directory and installs from there.


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