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RE: Incorrect names for file owners on mapped samba drives

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Hi Larry, 

Thanks for the heads up about PCYMTNQREAIYR, I'll configure my Mailer/Client as soon as I can get the IT guys to do it, or figure out how to change my Outlook 2007 preferences.

I've established that the differences in the output of -ls -l on the different drives is down to differences in acl/noacl.
$ mount
//devt/devt on /u type smbfs (binary,notexec,noacl,posix=0,user)
U: on /cygdrive/u type smbfs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)

ls -l on u:/tmp returns "johnd" as owner of files
ls -l on /u/tmp returns "johnd" as owner
ls -l on /cygdrive/u returns "????????" as owner

I suspect that the difference is that /cygdrive/u does not have "noacl". 

I also tried mounting with posix 0 and 1, but that seemed to make no difference.

As I said before ls -l  returns "johnd" as the owner on all files (not just mine) which is odd, but less important to me right now. Interestingly the mks "ls" returns different SIDs for different files, but not the windows SIDs. I guess it returns the SAMBA SIDs, and I'm missing a mapping layer somewhere. If you have insight on that I love to hear it.

Thanks for the help,

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