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Re: Parallel downloading of Cygwin packages

On 11/01/2009 10:25 PM, Chris Cormie wrote:
There are barriers to implementing rpm in Cygwin, the most frequently
mentioned being the fact that a cygwin process can't easily replace
cygwin1.dll or any other running executables.

If the in-Cygwin package manager can't update core Cygwin, that's not a deal breaker IMO: there is a fair bit of useful app package management that can be done without changing the core.

Sure but the value of package manager that can't do this mitigates its general
usefulness and adds to the "confusion" factor for people installing/updating/removing,
etc. Given the number of postings on this list which stem from confusion about
the operation of 'setup.exe', the importance of this factor shouldn't be underestimated.

As for running executables -- well, perhaps this is more of my ignorance
:) but couldn't a well behaved package close down running services in
the preremove script? (In the case the package was being upgraded.)

Sure but it is another issue where lack of symmetry is likely to cause problems.
Those used to using rpm or other package managers on platforms where this is
not a strict requirement for upgrading packages will likely be confused or annoyed
by the Cygwin's requirement for this. This, I believe, is less of a crucial issue
than the one above.

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