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Binary distribution and DLLs


I want to distribute a binary build of some software that I have written,
part of which includes some programs that are linked with cygwin1.dll and
other Cygwin dlls such as cygexpat-1.dll, cyggmp-3.dll, cygintl-8.dll and so

Due to some of the other Windows specific components of the software, I
don?t think I can use setup.exe to install the package. My installer can
check for the presence of cygwin1.dll and then start Cygwin?s setup.exe if
it doesn?t exist, but what is the recommended way of dealing with the other
dlls? I?m concerned that in x months time, that cygintl-8.dll will have been
replaced with cygintl-9.dll, and thus if a user installs the latest packages
using setup.exe, they might not get cygintl-8.dll. (My installation appears
to only have cygintl-2.dll? cygintl-3.dll? cygintl-8.dll, for example). 

Is it safe to include a copy of these dlls (excluding cygwin1.dll) in my
programs executable folder (with the source, of course), or will this cause
other problems if there is a conflict between two similar dlls? Any thoughts
on the best way to deal with this?


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