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Can't using fat32 drive as /tmp

I'm used to using ramdisk (assigned to drive X:, FAT-32) as tmp directory,

    rm -fR /tmp
    ln -snf /cygdrive/x/TEMP /tmp

after I updated to cygwin 1.7 (2009.10.4), then startxwin failed.
(before update, my cygwin is 1.7 < 2009.7 )

    Welcome to the XWin X Server
    Vendor: The Cygwin/X Project
    Release: (10701000)
    Build Date: 2009-10-25


XWin was started with the following command line:

XWin -multiwindow -clipboard -silent-dup-error

    ddxProcessArgument - Initializing default screens
    winInitializeDefaultScreens - w 1280 h 1024
    winInitializeDefaultScreens - Returning

    Fatal server error:
    Can't read lock file /tmp/.X0-lock

The lock file isn't created in /tmp when error dialog pops. (If I add -nolock to XWin in, it says invalid option. )

And I don't know how to change the default permission of FAT-32 mounts,
though the permission looks good /cygdrive/x is "drwxr-xr-x", and I can create any files/directories in the /tmp (-> /cygdrive/x/TEMP) in bash.

If tried another harddisk (not ramdisk) formatted as FAT-32, get the same error.

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