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Re: Parallel downloading of Cygwin packages

Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 01:19:58PM +0100, Ron de Bruijn wrote:
I use the latest installer, but it only uses one mirror to download
packages from at the same time.  I have the impression that the mirror
I selected only gives about 30KB/s, which makes installing Cygwin slow.
What I would like the installer to do is to download from all mirrors
in parallel different packages and in case one mirror doesn't respond
that it just drops that one and uses another one.  The mirrors together
should be able to saturate my connection.

With respect Ron, why not select a fast mirror if your current mirror is slow? A single fast mirror is always going to be faster than multiple mirrors, so there is little reason for the setup.exe team to support multiple mirrors, or so it seems to me.

I'd like the installer to use a more intuitive UI, be more capable of
running from the command line, and be able to handle RPMs.
(Command line installer project.)

Doesn't handle RPMs, only Cygwin packages. Does have a apt-get style interface. I'm thinking RPM support is a bit beside the point? A binary RPM from a different distro won't work, packages usually need porting to Cygwin -- that's all part of the Cygwin package system.

If you only need to install specific packages, setup.exe has you covered:
$./setup-1.7.exe -q -P joe


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