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RE: Incorrect names for file owners on mapped samba drives

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Larry Hall (Cygwin) []
> Sent: 30 October 2009 16:00
> To:
> Subject: Re: Incorrect names for file owners on mapped samba drives
> On 10/30/2009 11:46 AM, John Daintree wrote:
> > on the SAMBA machine my UID is 208, so I figured I'd just need to
> change the
> > above to:
> >
> > johnd:unused:208:513:U-johnd-PC\johnd,S-1-5-21-2127453718-491543372-
> 28458100
> > 30-208:/home/johnd:/bin/bash
>       ^^^
> Don't change your SID.  You can change your UID if you want, since this
> is a
> Cygwin thing.  But if you change your SID, Cygwin can't map your UID
> back to
> the Windows SID.  So then Windows won't know who you are, and Cygwin
> really
> won't either (in Windows terms).  That's why you got the message you
> did.
> Assuming SAMBA uses 208 as your user ID,you should get proper (user)
> ownerships
> displaying.  The same is true for your GID, if you want that.

Thanks Larry,  That seems to get be nearer where I want to be. I'm still getting some confusing (to me at least!) results.

Given that mount includes:

U: on /cygdrive/u type smbfs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)

i.e. u: and /cygdrive/u are the same location

why is it that "ls -n u:/tmp/jd.tmp" gives:

-rw-r--r-- 1 208 200 0 Oct 30 16:45 u:/tmp/jd.tmp

but "ls -n /cygdrive/u/tmp/jd.tmp" gives:

-rw-r--r-- 1 4294967295 4294967295 0 Oct 30 16:45 /cygdrive/u/tmp/jd.tmp

In addition "ls -n u:/tmp/*" returns the same UID (MY uid) for every file in the directory even though they are owned by different users. I created a new user on my windows machine and when I log in on that account all the files in u:/tmp are reported as owned by that user. Again windows explorer lists the correct owner for each file (as DEVT\username).

Thanks again,

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