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Re: Incorrect names for file owners on mapped samba drives

On 10/30/2009 11:46 AM, John Daintree wrote:
on the SAMBA machine my UID is 208, so I figured I'd just need to change the
above to:

Don't change your SID.  You can change your UID if you want, since this is a
Cygwin thing.  But if you change your SID, Cygwin can't map your UID back to
the Windows SID.  So then Windows won't know who you are, and Cygwin really
won't either (in Windows terms).  That's why you got the message you did.

Assuming SAMBA uses 208 as your user ID,you should get proper (user) ownerships
displaying.  The same is true for your GID, if you want that.

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