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Re: Console Window remains open after startxwin.bat & xterm 1.7, W7x64

On 10/30/2009 09:15 AM, Paul Huwe wrote:

I just upgraded to Windows 7 Professional 64bit, and I installed Cygwin
1.7. When I run startxwin.bat, the server starts, but the console window
does not disappear. When I then open xterms (from windows, not from a window
in the Xserver), they each open from a console window that doesn't
disappear. How can I get the command windows to disappear?

The standard solution to this is to use "run" to run your app. Of course, on Windows 7, MS has broken the functionality to hide the console that gets created, so "run" doesn't always help there (as evidenced by the behavior you see with startxwin.bat). So this is a MS problem that's searching for a fix.

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