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pseudo-hang during postinstall

Using the latest 1.7 on XP SP3, installs seem to hang during the pre/post
install phases, as if it's being blocked by a BLODA. However, it persists
even after fully uninstalling any and every security-related item I could
find (I didn't have much), stopping and disabling almost every service, and
eradicating any mention of "logitec" and "norton" from the registry.

Unlike mentions of BLODA I've seen, the processes eventually do seem to
continue if I leave them long enough. A bunch of zombie bash.exe process
accumulate, but the install does seem to be successful. Eventually.

Here's perhaps an interesting tidbit: if I try to shut down without killing
every bash.exe the install process has left behind, the machine is 100%
unresponsive for 15-20 seconds until the "bash.exe is not responding"
message pops up and I kill it, then again for 15-20 seconds for the next,
and so on.

Once it's working, it's working, except that I can't start sshd as a
service. If I open a shell and run /usr/sbin/sshd by hand, it's fine.

Does any of this ring a bell?

Jeffrey Friedl           Kyoto, Japan    

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